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Greetings to all you seekers of permanent solutions to your problems, worries, sorrows and pain. Whether personal, professional or spiritual.  Your search for solution to your problem ends here. This is where you begin to step into your true potential, master your fate, transcend the limits of your current reality. And live the life YOU want.


Are you happy? Do you have everything you want in life? Is your love life as wonderful as it should be? Or are you madly in love with someone who doesn't return your love in the same way or who doesn't even know you exist?

Do you want to be more charismatic, popular, attractive? Do you want more sex appeal and sex power? Are you always strapped for cash? How is your health? Do you want to feel more energetic, stronger? Or are you struck with a deadly, incurable disease???

Do you want to change your “bad circumstances”, “bad luck”, turn your “bad fate” or “bad karma” around? Do enemies, rivals, opponents, negative people stand between you and success? Do you feel 'stuck', helpless, lost? Are you at a dead end in life? Are you constantly troubled by setbacks, obstacles, petty annoyances, 'inexplicable' failures in all your endeavors, perhaps due to your "fate", “bad planetary influences” as described by astrologers, tarot card readers, "God men"? Do you suspect you have been attacked by black magic curses or hexes? Do you want power, wealth, fame, affection, True Love?

Have you noticed how most people plod through life blind, resigned, hopeless, meekly accepting what “fate” has dealt them, completely closed to the infinite possibilities that the Universe can be bent, moulded at will with occult knowledge and occult magic?

The once-unimaginable and fantastical can be yours.

The term "occult" has become loosely interchangeable with the words "black magic", "black magic curses", "hexes", "voodoo" whatnot, and acquired an unfortunate image in popular myth and culture, arousing nothing more than mass hysteria, tapping into half-truths and irrational fears in our collective unconscious in this rather 'black and white' world we live in. Occult magic will remain only in the realms of horror or science fantasy fiction... for most.

Many laypeople take "the occult", "occult magic", "ritual magic" to mean something unholy, evil, demonic, Satanic. I do not use occult magic to cause intentional harm. My occult magic is, however, amoral, forceful, far more fast acting than anything termed "white magic" or even "black magic" you will have seen so far. My occult magic works best for those of you who are totally committed, passionate of heart and mind in your cause. AND prepared for dramatic, overwhelming, life-changing results.

A word of warning here: Be careful of those who claim that this, that or other form of so-called "black magic" of theirs is more powerful than x y or z white magic. If you do happen just by sheer dumb luck to come across an actual practitioner who may know a little occult magic, chances are, they are rank amateurs playing with a hotch-potch of half-baked 'knowledge' using what are essentially lower non-physical entities of limited powers with impressive, even god-like-sounding titles or names, but which they cannot properly control.

At first they may bedazzle you with a seemingly self-assured front, suck you in with confident words, maybe even pull a few flashy party magician tricks. At best the effects will not be permanent. At worst, they can make your situation worse than you could have imagined before you started, ON TOP of robbing you blind of your hard-earned money, bleed you in regular 'instalments' before you come to your senses. My magic burns, incinerates, obliterates all black magic, curses, hexes, other low level magic by other spell casters of other traditions, white magic or black, in its path.

The word "occult" simply means "knowledge of the hidden" in Latin. To an occultist it is the study of a deeper Truth that lies beneath the physical sciences, 'logic', the 'obvious'. It is "hidden" only from the general public, yes, as occultists throughout history in many cultures have been persecuted and forced to go underground for practicing their vastly misunderstood crafts that do not conform to large, organized religion. Occult magic and the casting of magic spells, love spells, reverse spells, protection spells, et al, is a precise science and a mere tool, with vast potential... all for the harnessing. In the hands of the chosen and initiated. With your faith and my powers, we can and will change the most desperate circumstances.